Twilight of Istriya Graphic Short Available!

Illustrated by Chris Liu, this short tells about the earliest origins of Tivara.

Map of Tivaralan


The smallest of the three Tivaran moons, Magias resembles a soap bubble and has an orbital period of one day. Visible throughout the day, its phases can be used to tell time. Dwarf-made timepieces with convex lenses and fine-metal grills are accurate to 10 minutes.

Magias never moves from its seat in the heavens, always hanging directly above the ruins of the pyramid in Ayudra. Travelers can use it to tell direction.

By legend, Magias is a manifestation of the God of Magic, appearing in the sky 5,000 years ago after the Orcs defeated the Elves in a war to control Tivara. His influence enhanced the elves' magic so that they could hide themselves from the ensuing genocide of their race.